Abortion Risks

Elective abortion carries the risk of significant complications.

Immediate Risks can include:
• Heavy bleeding that requires blood transfusion.
• Infection from unsterile medical instruments or fetal parts mistakenly left inside.
• Scarring of the pelvic organs.
• Convulsions, heart complications or death from complications from general anesthesia.
• Punctured, torn or cut internal organs that requires additional surgery.
• In extreme cases of severe bleeding, infection or organ damage may lead to death.

Long-Term Risks can include:
• Premature deliveries in future pregnancies which is associated with higher rates of cerebral palsy or other respiratory, bowel, brain or eye problems in children.
• Breast Cancer: A number of reliable studies have concluded an association between abortion and later development of breast cancer.
• There is also evidence that induced abortion can be associated with significant loss of both emotional and physical health long term.
• Relational impact: Many couples mistakenly believe that abortion will preserve their relationship. However, research on this topic reveals just the opposite. Couple who abort are at increase risk for relationship problems.

Finding out the real risks of abortion can be difficult. You should give informed consent before going through a procedure or taking a medicine that could have lifelong effects on your health.

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