The Dog Days of Summer 2018

My wonderful sisters-in-law doing some yard work at the farm,

Now that winter is in full swing, I am finally getting around to looking at my pictures from two summers ago. And what a summer it was! Cody and I had just gotten married in July, and by the time we made our way back to New York, it was August. School had just begun for our nieces and nephews, green thumbs were in full swing, puppies were growing, a kitten was born, and the barn had sheep! You can imagine, I hope, my delight.

The kids loved the puppies and the puppies loved the attention. That’s a real win-win!

As soon as Penny, the old farm dog, had puppies, the kids started naming them and deciding who would keep who. It was all fun and games until it came time to sell the puppies…and the Cotten kids got to keep not one, but TWO of the precious dears!

You can see why they got to keep their puppies!

Today, those same little puppies are grown dogs! I got to take a walk in the woods with two of them yesterday. Justin has trained them wonderfully.

Cousins and puppies makes for a fun afternoon!

It was just a few days after these pictures that school began. For some reason or another (which I cannot recall) the bus dropped the kids off at the farm after the first day, and I was the only one home. I took a few pictures to preserve the moment and when I looked back on them, I was so glad I did! They made me laugh!

She’s ready to be home!
So much excitement!

Just after this picture, I resumed my difficult job of lying on the soft grass. Some of the kids were playing on the tire swing, others talking excitedly over one another trying to tell me all about their first day. It was perfect, a storybook summer.

The sheep, who I absolutely adored!

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