The Hero of My Story

His name is Cody Vaughan. We’re married, but it wasn’t always that way. Once upon a time, he was a wanderer who walked across the country from one sea to the other. A character from a tale, who rafted the length of the Mississippi River. He was a hobo who rode a train, a king who traveled down lesser-known roads, and nature’s own child, bedding down in whichever field he pleased. He’s still all of that, but now, he’s more, too. He’s my wonderful husband.

What does that make me? The luckiest girl in the world.

In the past year and a half of marriage, I have learned a lot. I learned what it was like to have someone there who supports you through loss, sorrow and pain. I realized how humbling it is to know that someone has truly seen your faults and loves you, still. I woke up every morning glad that I was near him and I went to bed every night thanking God for the day we had spent together.

The ‘practice kiss’ at our wedding rehearsal.

Does this mean that everything was always a peach? Of course not. Many life-altering happenings occurred during our first 12 months and brought on some pretty intense and uncomfortable feelings. Some of these things, I understood. Some of them I haven’t been able to make sense of until now, now that the dust has finally settled. About 3 months after we got married, Cody was in a horrible fishing accident and nearly went blind in both eyes. My parents separated on the same day that I found out about his accident. My sister eloped shortly after (that’s not sad, but it sure was a good surprise!) and then my grandmother who I was incredibly close to, died. And then, there’s the regular first-year of marriage adjustment, where everything in both of your lives is completely new and slightly foreign. But beneath all of this, I’m glad for the gentle reminder that love does conquer all. By the grace of God and the care of my husband, I survived that incredibly trying time.

Home is where the heart is, and this is where my heart is.

The good news is, my parents got back together, Cody’s eyes have both healed, and my sister and her husband are a wonderful pair. I’m thankful for all of this! But I am especially grateful that the things Cody and I faced brought us closer together instead of farther apart, and that I never, ever felt alone in my struggles. We never stopped choosing each other. I love that we have grown so much, especially in our understanding of one another.

It’s really nice to reflect back and realize that after a year and a half of marriage, I can honestly say Cody is even more generous, wonderful, giving, kind, and loving than I thought him to be the day I married him. This statement carries a lot more weight if you knew me then. . . let me tell you, I thought he was the bee’s knees in all respects. I was right!

True love and mountain dew!

I’m so proud of our marriage and excited for our future. I know that as long as we can hold each other, there will be an element of sweetness in whatever the future holds for us.

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