The Joy of Winter

I, who have always despised winter, had a most wonderful revelation the other day. I awoke with a desire to move, craving the feeling of my own blood rushing through my veins with absolute purpose and worthy cause. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was restless as all get out, and decided to take a walk. In winter. In the snow! This combination has stopped the idea of countless walks, in their tracks. But not on this glorious day!

A few apples still holding on!

I tugged on my snow boots and heavy Carhartt coat, and out the door I went, to the large empty field behind our home. It was just a regular walk, and felt good in the expected ways, until about a third of the way through. Suddenly, I became acutely aware of something I had never noticed before. The sun above me and the thick bed of snow beneath me were combining in such a manner that every bit of snow-covered ground for as far as I could see shone and glittered as if it were strewn with diamonds. I was absolutely awestruck. I have truly seen very few things quite so beautiful. For the rest of my walk, I was absolutely thrilled.

A droplet of ice hanging from some moss.

‘If this had been in a museum,’ I thought to myself, ‘something so beautiful and intriguing, I would gladly pay to see it. But this is free!’

A pop of color!

I decided that if a sight this wonderful existed on any other planet, men would spend countless fortunes and years dedicated to the pursuit of seeing it. And when they saw it, they would weep with tears of joy, and that moment would forever burn in their minds- such uncommon beauty and the triumph of the eye that beholds it! But God put it here on our planet, and even, in my very own back yard! And all this time, I had overlooked the beauty of it, rejecting all aspects of winter and believing snow to be of a completely ordinary and inconvenient nature.

Berries, covered with ice!

I am now amazed that we don’t speak of its beauty in hushed tones, that we don’t gift each other boxes of fresh, glittering snow, like flowers! That the rich and famous don’t ship it by the truckload to their own yards, and most of all, that for some reason, I spent years, hating winter!

Winter’s newest fan!

In the last few weeks, I have taken multiple walks. Some with family, others by myself. Each one has been inspiring and wonderful in its own way and I am so grateful for the beauty I that I am becoming more aware of!

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